Rusted Coffee Grinder - Restoration

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Shared March 15, 2019

In this video i'm restoring a Rare coffee grinder Peugeot

I bought this coffee grinder at flea market for 5 euro.
This coffee grinder is made in France in 1930 by Peugeot Frerres.
I start this restoration by disassembly and cleaning all the parts in my parts washer, after that i removed all the old paint and i put all metal parts in rust remover for 2 hours.
To bring back the color of the wood i start by sanding and i apply 2 coat of stains .
After 2 hours in rust remover all metal parts was free of rust and i start cleaning them with a scotch brite and i clean them with clear water. To make the metal parts more shiny i start grinding them with a soft wire wheel and after that i sanded all metal parts with sandpaper 400 grit. To make almost mirror polish i utilize a cloth wheel and polishing compound. After a long time all parts was ready and i start reassembly.
I hope you like my video , leave me know if you like coffee and were are you from!


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Index of operation and materials:

00:01 presentation
00:45 begin disassembly
04:24 cleaning all the parts in the parts washer from IBS
05:25 i utilize paint stripper to remove paint from propeller
05:50 i put rusty parts in rust remover from MC-51
06:07 start sanding the wood parts
07:19 i apply 2 coats of stain
08:47 after 2 hrs i remove parts from rust remover and clean them
09:11 now i grind all the metal parts with soft wire wheel
09:45 sanding all metal parts with 400 grit
09:59 now i start polishing the metal parts
10:26 i clean the metal parts with IBS cleaner before painting
10:43 i apply two coats of clear laquer
11:40 start reassembling
15:13 presentation