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Genre: Education

Family friendly? Yes

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Rating: 4.9098 / 5

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Shared October 31, 2014

Hi, I'm DEMOLITION D+ and I forgot to say that in the beginning of this video review, but that's not important. What's important is that you sit down and listen to what I have to say for 12 minutes without diddling yourself. And in return I will sit across from you and tell you the things I like about your face and if that's not a concept you can get behind then forget it, I tried.

Today we're taking a more in depth look at both the good and bad for Aldnoah.Zero (the . makes it cool). Let me know what you'd like to see my review or do a 'Should you watch?' for next and I'll be sure to entertain the thought. You guys know I still read your comments and take your suggestions seriously.

Check out the fancy new black arrows below, you can tell I'm really moving up in the world.



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AZ-Kat by Hiroyuki Sawano
Hajime no Ippo OP
Kairiki Doujo (Katanagatari OST)
Fukkura Fuwamma Cake~
Bad Lake (Katanagatari OST)
Douse konna no ga Suki Deshou (Katanagatari OST)
aLIEz by Hiroyuki Sawano
Aruarian Dance by Nujabes
Let's go Together by Afromania (Birdy the Mighty DEcode ED)
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Eric Idle
Time to Know ~be waltz (Cowboy Bebop)
Vermont Kiss by Sōtaisei Riron (it's Etsuko Yakushimaru)

This was the one project I managed to recover (mostly) after my HDD failed and my OS got corrupted. It was supposed to be out 4 weeks ago.

The anime in the beginning side by side with Aldnoah is Hajime no Ippo which I started watching recently and I love it.